COOKING TIP: Blind Baking Pastry

Blind bake pastry crusts while pre-heating the oven.


2 Responses to COOKING TIP: Blind Baking Pastry

  1. lathanarasimhan says:

    Can you please explain the term baking blind. I think I’ll end up cooking all your recipes.

    In India we get eggplant in various sizes, shapes and colours . one recipe everyday for you Emily. bye.

  2. rockyroadoflove says:

    ‘Blind baking’ is double-baking a pastry crust. You bake it first without any filling inside, just enough to dry it out and harden it so that it stays crisp when you fill it with a creamy or wet filling. Then you bake the tart a second time to cook the insides and finish cooking the crust. If you blind bake a shortbread crust made with butter or vegetable shortening, you must prick the bottom and sides with a fork and spread small weights, like dried beans or metal beads, across the bottom to keep the crust from rising off the pan. My ice water-olive oil crusts don’t need weights.

    So many eggplants! How lucky you are! I look forward to a recipe every day. Thanks.

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