COOKING TIP: Cast Iron Skillets

A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is far superior to a non-stick pan. It fries beautifully without sticking, nurtures you with healthy iron, leeches no harmful chemicals, and lasts for generations. If you’re not lucky enough to have inherited a skillet, buy one that’s preseasoned. This will save you the messy task of heating and oiling it yourself. A WORD OF CAUTION: Never scrub cast iron with soap and water or put it in the dishwasher. Wiping it clean with a salt and a little oil will preserve the seasoned finish. It’s a good idea, also, to set a cleaned skillet on a stove eye or in the oven on low heat to dry up any moisture.


4 Responses to COOKING TIP: Cast Iron Skillets

  1. Stephen says:

    One word of caution about iron pans: Buy those made in the western world, not goods imported from developing nations. You have no way of knowing what’s in that metal, it does as Sam implies leech into your food, and so it is wise to rely on manufactured materials from places you trust rather than from places notorious for cheating and lax standards. Personally, I’d recommend Lodge.

  2. rockyroadoflove says:

    A very helpful point. Lodge makes great skillets. Enameled iron, like Le Creuset, cooks beautifully,, also. There’s even an iron skillet now coated with nickel. But cast iron is very cheap and cooks just as well or better than the high-ticket models. Thanks.

  3. By the way I am *loving* these cooking tips! What a great addition to your blog!

    I’m a fan of the straight-up, basic iron skillet, no enamel. The older and gunkier, the better. You’re right about the need to take proper care of them, to preserve the seasoning and to avoid rust!

  4. […] can even stuff it in your turkey. You’ll need good quality, stone-ground cornmeal and a seasoned iron skillet. Make sure the skillet is really hot before you pour in the batter and you’ll get a wonderful […]

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