COOKING TIP: Hot Pepper Prep

The capsaicin in hot peppers can burn your fingers and any other body part you happen to touch with your fingers. I once burned my eyes with banana peppers—very scary. With the exception of bell peppers, always wear rubber gloves when seeding and chopping even medium hot peppers. If you don’t have gloves, put sandwich bags over your hands. Remove gloves or bags by turning them inside-out and place them immediately in the trash.

4 Responses to COOKING TIP: Hot Pepper Prep

  1. […] article at rockyroadoflove delivered by […]

  2. Rajitha says:

    that is a nice tip… thanks for sharing

  3. […] is so good, I eat leftovers for breakfast. Make it as hot as you like but don’t forget to wear plastic gloves or sandwich bags while seeding and slicing the hot peppers. […]

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