Irish Coffee


Whiskey in coffee may have been around forever, but true Irish Coffee is said to have been invented in County Limerick in the 1940s. It’s one of the easiest bar drinks to make at home, and is a warm and comforting treat on a cold and windy night. SAM

1 teaspoon sugar or to taste
3/4 cup hot strong coffee
1 ounce Irish whiskey
2 tablespoons whipped cream or topping

In a glass or mug, dissolve the sugar in the coffee. Add the whiskey and stir thoroughly. Top with whipped cream.
Makes 1 serving.


4 Responses to Irish Coffee

  1. Jackie says:

    It was the photo of the coffee that made me look!! I could smell the coffee.A great picture and site.

  2. titus2woman says:

    OH that would hit the spot today…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. lakshmi says:

    that is such a beautiful pic emily – so recipes and postcards from paris then – i gather you’re travelling too? 🙂

    Yes. I’ll let you know what’s happening in the markets this fall. They’re always different and always delightful.

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