Previous Episodes

Episode 1: One Fine Day
Episode 2: Fate and Chèvre
Episode 3: The Rocky Road Ahead
Episode 4: Could This Be Lunch?
Episode 5: I Only Have Eyes for Stew
Episode 6: Harry in Love
Episode 7: Dinner for Two
Episode 8: Sam, Line 2
Episode 9: Romance at Home
Episode 10: Barbecue, Beans, and Slow-Pitch Softball
Episode 11: Play Ball!
Episode 12: How Bout Them Dawgs!
Episode 13: Mercy!
Episode 14: Harry Gets Mad!
Episode 15: Harry and the Hopelessly Inadequate Ballet Buffet
Episode 16: And Now Sam’s Mad!
Episode 17: The Last Goodbye
Episode 18: The Big Breakup
Episode 19: Chocolate on Her Mind
Episode 20: Life without Harry
Episode 21: Life without Sam
Episode 22: Of Rice and Men
Episode 23: Lasagna to the Rescue!
Episode 24: Together Again!
Episode 25: Black Velvet!
Episode 26: Romance on the Town
Episode 27: Dancing!
Episode 28: At Long Last Breakfast!
Episode 29: Paradise!
Episode 30: A Vision in Sausage and Pink Chenille!
Episode 31: Battenburg Lace!
Episode 32: A Wedding Most Glorious!
Episode 33: You Are Invited …
Episode 34: A Union of Serious Cooks
Episode 35: The Cake! 

One Response to Previous Episodes

  1. Cyndi says:

    Hi. Did you ever post the rosemary shortbread recipe. I have a ton of rosemary and would love to try it (sounded like it was a tried a true recipe). I tried one recently from another blog and it was nothing but a giant crumble, so I would love to get yours!!



    p.s. really enjoy your blog
    Hi Cyndi and thanks for commenting! I will defer to Emily, the blog’s official host, to answer your question when she is back in town. Rosemary shortbread DOES sound delicious!! Almostgotit

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