Episode 10: Barbecue, Beans, and Slow-Pitch Softball

With spring come waxy potatoes, green onions, leaf lettuce, local strawberries, Italian broccoli, and slow-pitch softball. Sam’s a starting pitcher, and she’s very good. She has an ERA of point fifteen, a strike-out ratio of nine, and last season when the Capitol Mud-Hens almost won the Potomac Tidal Basin Women’s Fall Classic, she almost threw a no-hitter. Sam loves the game, and she loves Harry, and she sees no reason why she shouldn’t get the two of them together.

‘Besides,’ she says one starry, pre-season night, snuggling up next to him with her well-worn catcher’s mitt and a can of neat’s-foot oil, ‘the ball park’s an all-day picnic. You can have hot-dogs and cheeseburgers, all the beer you can drink, shoot the breeze with the guys in the stands, and best of all, you get to watch me play.’

Now Harry is not exactly what you would call a jock. As a matter of fact, the poor boy barely qualifies as a spectator. The only fall classic he looks forward to with any degree of enthusiasm is the medium blue, J. Crew, wool-flannel blazer. Sweat and physical pain do not rank high on his list of companionable pleasures, nor do beer and brownies. Sam, however, does, and he has carried with him through the years a certain nostalgia for vinegar-based coleslaw.

And so he goes.

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Up next … Episode 11: Play Ball!

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