Episode 14: Harry Gets Mad!

One of Harry’s faults is an overdeveloped sense of justice, a byproduct, perhaps, of his years in diplomacy. Harry is no compromiser. When you’re looking for a holy man to talk Sinn Fein into giving up the gun, Harry is not the negotiator you want. Sure, he speaks Gaeilge like a tenth century abbot. But the phrase ‘speaking the language’ carries more than one meaning, and Harry is far too prone to align himself with what he sees as the forces of right.

Justice is a dangerous weapon in the grip of a true believer, and unfortunately for our lovers, Harry, upon awakening the morning after the softball opener, seizes upon it with a vengeance.

‘If I can spend,’ he grouses to himself, punching up his twenty-weight, pure goose down pillow and flipping on the MSNBC early morning report, ‘an entire day watching overdeveloped women in droopy drawers chase chunks of horsehide across a muddy field, then the love of my life can spare one quick evening for the Washington Ballet.’

Harry is still bitter at the six hours he had to spend arguing offensive backs of the PAC Ten versus SEC wide receivers, when any fool who has ever darkened a horseshoe-shaped stadium on a crisp October Saturday, knows that nobody out-recruits Nebraska.

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Up Next … Episode 15: Harry and the Hopelessly Inadequate Ballet Buffet.

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