Episode 19: Chocolate on Her Mind

Like any sensible woman in time of trouble, Sam turns to chocolate: chocolate mousse, chocolate layer cake, chocolate-covered orange peel, chocolate Kahlúa brownies, chocolate frosted sugar cookies, hot chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate double fudge. She even tries an old Mexican version of chicken breasts stuffed with bitter chocolate and habeñero peppers—surprisingly good.

The evenings she used to spend with Harry, roaming the city, tasting of its delights, she now spends alone in her kitchen, chopping, grating, stirring, beating, folding, baking.

She pulls out every kitchen catalogue she’s ever gotten, every glossy food magazine, every cookbook. Her television is permanently tuned to the Food Network. No one’s egg whites peak quite like hers; no one’s butter and sugar cream as smoothly; no one’s fudge is fudgier.

Her entire building is redolent with the smell of fresh-baked brownies. Neighbors line up for blocks.

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Up next … Episode 20: Life without Harry.

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