Episode 2: Fate and Chèvre

Harry, for his part, has been sent to find goat’s cheese by his current girlfriend, Kay, who read in a women’s magazine in the ab room at Washington Sport & Health that goat products are low in fat. Kay has a horror of fat. Harry is beginning to dream of it. He thinks he likes it. He thinks he’d like to have some of it, once more, before he dies.

But what caprice of fate is this? There’s only one package of goat’s cheese in Krupins’ entire deli. Sam has her eye on it. Harry has it already in his hand.

‘You take it,’ he says gallantly, ever the gentleman, sensitive as always to the disappointed sigh.

‘But you were here first…’

Their eyes meet. Sam straightens a hitch in her size 14, one hundred per cent cotton, 8-wale LL Bean corduroy jumper. Harry flicks an imaginary fleck from the sleeve of his 44 extra-long, ultra-distressed, antique leather aviator DKNY jacket.

‘No, really, you take it,’ they say in unison and dissolve into laughter. Sam hasn’t laughed in a very long time. Harry realizes, suddenly, that he misses laughter every bit as much as he misses fat.

He gazes for a moment at Sam’s sturdy reflection in the bratwurst cooler. ‘This,’ he says to himself, ‘is a woman who knows her way around a skillet.’ Harry is from the Louisiana bayou country and he should know. His heart beats faster. ‘Maybe, just maybe,’ he hesitates, wary of even putting thought to word, ‘maybe she can fry.’

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One Response to Episode 2: Fate and Chèvre

  1. Maninas says:

    Love that last sentence! it’s hilarious!

    Thanks. The ROL is very funny. I love your blog and just added it to my blogroll. The Croatian tomato sauce sounds fabulous! I put a Recipe Alert with a link on today’s headlines.

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