Episode 20: Life without Harry

Sure, Sam misses Harry—she really misses Harry—and from time to time she whiles away a solitary evening at the Café de la Paix. There, the darling of all the waiters, who, like their compatriot Fabrice, like nothing better than to see a woman eat, she finds solace for both body and soul.

To a man, they share her sorrow. They, too, liked Harry, a well-bred young man with a steady appetite and a solid grounding in after-dinner spirits.

But, as the poets like to remind us, the path of true love never did run smooth and a woman has to eat, and when men fail you—as, sooner or later, men always do—there’s still bombe à trois chocolats.

Why, look. It’s almost closing time. Let’s all have some.

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Up next: Episode 21: Life without Sam.

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