Episode 21: Life without Sam

It’s amazing what one man can do with a box of rice. That is, if that one man is lonely enough, and desperate, and feeling the need simply to keep the wolf from the door.

Harry is all of the above. All he asks, at this point in a foolishly misspent life, is to stay alive a little while longer with as little effort as possible. Luckily for him, rice will do the trick.

The truth is Harry is weighed down with guilt for having single-handedly destroyed the best thing that ever happened to him. Sam … he weeps at the very mention of her name. Such a tidy woman, so true to her principles, such a gifted cook. Such memories: sweet potato fritters crackling in hot bacon grease, chicken pot pie fresh from the oven, corn tourte, baked cauliflower, Bohemian beer bread.

‘Beer,’ ugh…there’s that word, again. Harry groans, momentarily transported to the infamous ballpark. Could it really have been all that bad? Yes, truthfully, it could. But what do twenty-five beer-guzzling sports fiends have stacked up against the only woman you’ve ever loved?

A vision of Sam in her tank top, winding up on the pitcher’s mound, returns in all its glory. So sad, so sad, the foolish loss of love.

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Up next … Episode 22: Of Rice and Men.

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