Episode 22: Of Rice and Men

Harry is not from Louisiana for nothing and he’s a master of atonement.

At present, he’s toying with the idea of flying medical supplies into malaria-infested, equatorial Africa, except for the slight complications that, first, he can’t fly, and, second, he doesn’t speak Swahili all that well. And then there’s always the sugar content of his skin, a virtual magnet for every bloodsucker in a hundred mile radius. Harry wouldn’t last ten minutes on the equator and he knows it.

And so, he sits and grieves and plans his lonely meals for one. One box of rice cooked in its entirety on a Sunday will feed a sorrowing man for the whole week. Not well. Not with any pretense of appetite or pleasure. But he won’t starve.

Then the second week he might throw in a teaspoon of dried dill weed, or a sprig of parsley, maybe a thinly sliced sweet onion sautéed in extra-virgin olive oil with a pressed garlic clove and a tablespoon of dry sherry. He can always garnish it with freshly grated Romano or Fontina.

And as long as he’s got out the Italian cheeses he might as well use up that box of noodles left over from the hazelnut lasagna Sam made just before she … choke … left.

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Up next … Episode 23: Lasagna to the Rescue!

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