Episode 23: Lasagne to the Rescue!

Harry’s lasagna turns out spectacularly, even with store-bought marinara. The spicy Italian sausage added at the last minute is an especially inspired touch, and with a little rosemary chipped on top and a shaving or two of parmigiano reggiano …

‘I do believe we’re getting somewhere,’ Harry says to himself, his spirits soaring. ‘Sam would love this!’

Before he knows it, he is racing madly down 15th Street in search of a cab, oven mitts on hands, a platter of steaming pasta weaving precariously before him. Startled pedestrians leap aside. Embassy guards speak urgently into two-way radios.

The taxi driver doesn’t much want to take the fare, but he’s a kindly man. A refugee from the Republic of Georgia, a land of deep grandeur and greater sorrow, he knows true love when he sees it.

And very soon, here’s Harry, big as life, knocking at Sam’s Rock Creek door with dinner and apologies.

Glad of heart, she takes him in.

Love is back, the night is young, and, truly, the Lasagna with Italian Sausage is a big success.

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New this week … Episode 24: Together Again!

Coming next Monday … Episode 25: Black Velvet.

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