Episode 24: Together Again!

Ah, love…Sometimes you hear couples say after a traumatic breakup that being back together seems so right it’s as if they were never apart.

Not so, Harry and Sam. They know they were apart. They’re reminded of it every moment of every day. Every Williams-Sonoma waffle-weave dishcloth, every New Mexico chipotle pepper, every Julia Child chuck roast brings memories too deep for tears.

They were apart, Harry and Sam, time’s perfect couple, and all the world was grim and bare.

Well, admittedly, there was chocolate—Sam is now a size 16, as is half her apartment house, a sad bunch, really, brownie-less now, without fudge. What they wouldn’t do at this point for one tiny taste of mocha flan couldn’t be printed in a family newspaper. They’re not one bit glad to see our lovers back together, but then it’s hard to be generous in spirit when you’ve lost your source.

And there was rice, although Harry, while he learned to do some truly amazing things with a box of rice, isn’t so sure he’ll be eating Chinese again anytime soon.

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New this week … Episode 25: Black Velvet!

Coming next Monday … Episode 26: Romance on the Town.

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