Episode 29: Paradise!

Harry stretches his toes luxuriously, tucks in the sheet under his armpits, grabs the TV remote, and flips on C-Span.

On the west lawn of the White House, a diplomatic correspondent is reviewing the President’s schedule for the day: 6 AM power breakfast with a Pacific Rim trading group, formal state luncheon at noon for the Cultural Minister of Hong Kong, high tea with the Dalai Lama.

‘Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan,’ Harry ticks them off on his fingers. ‘Lucky I laid on those extra Taoists. A person can’t have too much spiritual backup these days. We’ll be sending in the junior acolytes by noon, mark my words.’

The buzz of a juicer drowns out the remainder of the President’s day, but Harry doesn’t care. He breathes in the heady aroma of breakfast and smiles the unshakable smile of the nutritionally content.

The trials of Babel can wait.

This is Paradise, here and now.

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Up next … Episode 30: A Vision in Sausage and Pink Chenille!

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