Episode 30: A Vision in Sausage and Pink Chenille

At this very moment, out in the kitchen, the love of Harry’s life is whipping up a mushroom omelet. He can hear the steady swish of the whisk in the earthenware bowl, the click of the Sebatier on the carving board, the whoosh of the gas, the roar of the skillet.

In goes the cream; onto the heat goes the batter. Add eight turns of freshly ground white peppercorns, a pinch of thyme, a double serving of duxelles, fresh mozzarella, chopped parsley, a few hearty shavings of pecorino Romano.

And soon, very soon, just as he knows she will, Sam appears in the bedroom doorway, a vision in sausage and pink chenille.

‘Tell me,’ she says, a few minutes later, cross-legged on the bed, knee pressed against Harry’s thigh. ‘Is this as far as we’re going, the two of us? Or can we do it one better?’

She slathers a generous slab of sweet butter over a hot biscuit.

Harry nearly chokes on an Agen prune.

‘Do you mean…?’ he sputters, playing for time, struck suddenly by a longing so deep it threatens paralysis. ‘You don’t mean … ?’

Their eyes meet …

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Up next … Episode 31: Battenburg Lace!

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