Episode 31: Battenburg Lace

It is true.

Harry is beside himself with joy. With perfect simultaneity, he abandons his plate and gathers her into his arms.

‘Is that a “yes”?’ asks Sam, after a few moments, coming up for air. She picks up the last fritter and snuggles in sweetly next to Harry on the pillows.

‘You see,’ she explains, licking a daub of grease off a finger, ‘it’s like this. Last week I found this great slip dress in the Spiegal Catalogue—Battenburg lace, seed pearl straps, mid-calf, handkerchief-point hem line—and there’s this recipe for chocolate fruitcake with burnt orange icing that keeps turning up in the most unexpected places, and yesterday, for no apparent reason, your mother e-mailed me the formula for a tea-based bourbon punch she swears single-handedly lifted the siege of Vicksburg.

‘Now I’m no clairvoyant, but there seems to me to be a certain music in the spheres. What do you say we rustle up a priest, stuff a few game hens with wild rice and truffles, and invite in all our friends?’

Harry, who for once in his life is not speechless, agrees post haste.

It is, indeed, the most glorious of days.

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Up next … Episode 32: A Wedding Most Glorious!

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