Episode 5: I Only Have Eyes for Stew

Sam greets Harry with the look of a woman who has made up her mind. Harry, worried sick she wouldn’t show up at all, is elated. He sits down, adjusts the already perfect line of his pure English wool, grey flannel slacks, and proceeds to turn on the charm. Sam turns to Fabrice the Waiter.’We’ll start with noodles and cream, then the pumpkin bisque, poached flounder, haricots verts, salade plat en vinaigrette, Époisse and pears. Bring plenty of bread and ask the chef if he could spare a little sweet butter on the side for a woman who truly cares. Wine? I think a cold Sancerre to begin with, then a medium-priced Tavel, and maybe a split of champagne with dessert. Raspberry mousse? Coeur à la crème? You know the pastry chef better than I—you decide. Then, of course, espress. I should tell you, also, it is entirely possible the monsieur will have cognac.’

Harry is speechless, which works out nicely because Sam has her mouth full of baguette and butter and is not, for the moment, interested in conversation. Words, in her opinion, are never strictly necessary in the presence of good food.

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