Episode 7: Dinner for Two

Harry and Sam are two people who know what they want. Within days, they arrange mutual breakups with Kay and Tim, much better suited as a couple, when you come to think of it, and both frankly relieved to see the meat eaters go. All that chatting up the butcher, all that problematic bacteria, all that bloody mess in the sink. Really, even if you could tolerate the fat content, who in his right mind would go to such lengths for a simple pig’s trotter?

For Harry and Sam, no pig’s trotter was ever simple, a mutual understanding that makes them certain they were brought together by benevolent fate. They have so many things in common: baby artichokes in curried mayonnaise, Chinese gooseberries, caramelized carrots, mesquite-grilled flank steaks in honey-mustard sauce, smoked salmon pizza with crème fraîche, veal scaloppine, apricot ice, lemon meringue pie.

They enjoy so many of the same things: Chinese takeout at twilight under the archways of the Jefferson Memorial, Memphis barbecue on the steps of the Lincoln, hand-churned ice cream at Diary Farmers Association of America milk fests in the Russell Building courtyard, Viennese pastries at Cleveland Park, café latté at small, outdoor tables in Adams Morgan, weekend picnics on Roosevelt Island.

Their days are filled with wonder and never a cross word between them, and matters proceed apace to that inevitable moment of truth in the modern relationship: the home-cooked meal.

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Up next … Episode 8: Sam, Live 2.

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