Episode 8: Sam, Line 2

One fine spring day when the sun in Dupont Circle is just beginning to show promise of warmth to come, Harry’s emergency beeper goes off in the middle of a World Hunger food fight:

‘Red lentils are more anthro-politically correct than green, you dimwit. Red lentils are in the Bible.’

‘The Bible? We got famine and pestilence in the Horn of Africa like no one’s seen in a hundred years and you’re talking Bible? Ninety-nine percent of the Horn is Muslim, you moron. Muslims, in case you and your ethnocentric-white-male buddies been cutting out of Sunday School lately, do not ascribe to the Bible.’

‘You telling me Esau and his mess of porridge didn’t make the Koran?’

‘Not that I know of.’

‘Well, maybe we just better find us somebody who does. Hey, Harry! You got a Coptic Arab could help us out here with a little theological problem?’

Fearful that yet another internecine conflict will play havoc with his already dwindling pool of Zoroastrian translators, Harry races down the hall to a secured line, only to hear with relief the voice of his beloved.

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Up next … Episode 9: Romance at Home.

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