Episode 9: Romance at Home

‘I hate to interrupt,’ says Sam sweetly, ‘but I’ve been on a Class Two sexual harassment stake out since dawn at a fish market on Main, and they’ve got jumbo shrimp like you wouldn’t believe. Why don’t you stop by my place tonight around eight? We can eat yeast biscuits and olive paste while we butterfly them on the grill. I’ve got new potatoes and asparagus, and a recipe for mushrooms in Madeira and heavy cream I’ve been dying to try, and some of that environmentally friendly escarole from Fresh Fields. You okay with roasted garlic in the vinaigrette? And afterwards, we can fire up my grandmother’s copper chafing dish and make Bananas Foster.’

And so they do.

Harry’s got the tall tapers for ambiance. Sam’s got the in-range, hot-air grill for warmth. They’ve got each other and two very hearty appetites.

And, suffice it to say, romance is on the wing.

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Up next … Episode 10: Barbecue, Beans, and Slow-Pitch Softball.

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