Lighthouse cocktails

February 25, 2008

Staviken lighthouse

To the Lighthouse!

I think Sam and Harry would enjoy honeymooning in one of several authentic lighthouse inns, including The Stavik Lighthouse (Stavikens Fyr, photo at left), a romantically-bleak lighthouse in Sweden that would be my personal favorite, and might have been Virginia Woolf’s favorite too, but it’s no doubt colder than a polar bear’s behind at this time of year. 

In February, they may prefer someplace warm like Cape Otway Lightstation (photo, below), the oldest lighthouse in Australia.   And since the Cape Otway cafe already has a nice salmon quiche on their menu, all that’s left is to mix Sam and Harry a couple of “Lighthouses” to go with it.  Of course!!Almostgotit   

Lighthouse recipeCape Otway Lightstation

 For each serving:
1/3 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1/3 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
1/3 oz 151-proof rum

Pour kahlua into a shot glass. With a spoon, slowly pour irish cream into the shot glass on top of the kahlua. Pour the 151 rum, again with the spoon, slowly on top of the irish cream and light on fire. Blow flame out before drinking.


Irish Coffee

October 28, 2007


Whiskey in coffee may have been around forever, but true Irish Coffee is said to have been invented in County Limerick in the 1940s. It’s one of the easiest bar drinks to make at home, and is a warm and comforting treat on a cold and windy night. SAM

1 teaspoon sugar or to taste
3/4 cup hot strong coffee
1 ounce Irish whiskey
2 tablespoons whipped cream or topping

In a glass or mug, dissolve the sugar in the coffee. Add the whiskey and stir thoroughly. Top with whipped cream.
Makes 1 serving.