Episode 12: How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

Contentedly munching his loaded chili-cheese dog, Harry is just getting into the swing of the morning crossword puzzle—twenty-two across is a six-letter language spoken by 3.1 million people—when a voice at his elbow shatters his train of thought.

‘So, how ’bout them Dawgs?’

The bleacher shudders under the weight of an enormously fleshy man who plops himself down next to Harry. He is dressed entirely in red and is carrying a cooler of beer.

Now, just because Harry doesn’t play sports doesn’t mean he can’t be one when the occasion arises. ‘Dogs?’ he replies, pleasantly, ever the soul of friendliness. ‘Nice. Quite nice. I highly recommend them. Especially with the chili. You’ll like them.’

The man looks confused.

‘Yes, really,’ continues Harry, ‘they’re surprisingly tasty. And only a dollar. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.’

The big man narrows his eyes. ‘You’re not from around here, are you, son?’ he says, adjusting the brim of his bulldog ball cap. He pops the tab on a cold beer and shoves it Harry’s way. ‘Not from around here at all. Yes, sir, I can see I got me some re-educating to do.’

It is the not start of something good.

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Up next … Episode 13: Mercy!

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