Episode 26: Romance on the Town

A black velvet sheath can go anywhere, and Sam’s soon makes the rounds of every dance floor from southern Maryland to the Virginia line.

Harry and Sam are great dance partners. Sam, like many a woman with a low center of gravity, is naturally light on her feet and knows when to follow. Harry learned as a child. You might, if you were a small boy in Louisiana, get far enough back in the bayou to escape ballroom dancing lessons, but you wouldn’t find anything there but alligators.

The nights are glorious, the bands a dream. Our lovers rumba, they tango, they waltz—Sam prefers counting by threes to any other mathematical configuration on record—they fox-trot. They lead every Congo line within a thirty-mile radius of Foggy Bottom. No one in the Washington Blue Book can hold a candle to them.

And especially, they samba. Years of lonely winter nights watching Jean-Louis Trintignant sidle up to Anouk Amiée in A Man and a Woman have taught them that there is nothing on this earth quite like the samba for pressing the flesh of the one you love.

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Up next … Episode 27: Dancing!

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