Episode 18: The Big Breakup

Sam can’t believe this is happening. After all those weeks of easy companionship, shared condiments, mutually filled donuts, they can’t be parting. Not Harry and Sam. Not two people who deep-fried a sausage-and-chestnut stuffed turkey when it wasn’t even Thanksgiving. Not the fun couple whose oyster po’ boys were the toast of Northwest Washington. Not them.

But here it is, the Big Breakup.

As she bids a sad farewell to Harry at the Crate and Barrel and makes her solitary way down Connecticut Avenue, gently weeping, the sun slips for good behind a cold and comfortless cloud.

‘I believe,’ she says to herself, screwing up her courage for the ordeal to come, ‘I believe this is a situation that calls for brownies.’

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Up next … Episode 19: Chocolate on Her Mind.

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