Episode 25: Black Velvet!

After all the tears, all the chocolate, all the Chinese … after two glorious weeks in Paris … Harry and Sam are one, together again, and all’s right with the world.

The Delonghi convection-toaster oven is back on Sam’s countertop. The Henckel shears swing from Harry’s pot rack. Their mutual stock of Madagascar bourbon cold-pressed vanilla ages daily. Bouquet garni blossoms on every shelf. And, suffice it to say, life is one grand ride.

‘Here’s to love,’ says Sam one evening, ripping open an overnight package from Bloomingdale’s. She pulls out a sexy black velvet sheath. Slinky off-the-shoulder cut … tight shirred waist … sassy kick pleat in back. Perfect!

‘Hot dog!’ she says to Harry. ‘Now we’re cooking!’

‘Cooking?’ says Harry, twirling her into his arms with a ballroom flourish.

‘You bet your sweet ass!’ says Sam, kissing him lightly on the nose. ‘Get out your dancing shoes, my love. We’re going out on the town.’

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Up next … Episode 26: Romance on the Town.

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